Locust: Black 4/4, Yellow 4/4, 8/4

Locust: Black 4/4, Yellow 4/4, 8/4

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Yellow Locust (Robinia pseudoacacia)

Botanical Name

Robinia pseudoacacia
Origin Eastern United States
Janka Hardness 1,700 lbf
Average Dried Weight 48 lbs/ft3
Workability Locusts hardness can make it difficult to machine. It turns, glues and finishes well.
Related Species none
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Per Board foot
Size:4/4 Black

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One Board foot = 144 Cubic Inches

Example: If you need a piece of wood 12 inches wide, 1 inch thick and 24 inches long, that is equal to 2 board feet.

12 inches x 1 inch x 24 inches = 288 inches. 288/ 144 = 2 board feet