White Oak Beams
White Oak Beams

White Oak Beams

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  White Oak (Quercus alba) In considering the relative value of our native woods for interior woodwork, we are inclined to give first place to the American white oak wood, which hold sway over not only hardness of fiber and beauty of color and markings, but great powerful, as its sturdiness and the durability of its texture allows it to resist almost any amount of wear. In this respect the white oak wood it is far superior to the other woods, such as chestnut, ash and elm, which we have mentioned as being in the same general class of open textured, hard fibered woods; although these the white oak wood, have a color quality more delicate than that of oak, in that they show a greater degree of that soft radiance which contribute so much in the atmosphere of a room.

   White oak lumber varies in color from light tan to pale yellow-brown with a rose colored tinge and It is similar to European oak. Straight grained with characteristic silver grain in quarter sawn wood, medium to coarse texture. White oak is somewhat more figured than Red Oak due to longer rays. We find the finest white oak wood in the Middle West and southwest, especially in Indiana, which has mobilized large quantities of this valuable wood.

   There are many varieties of oak in this country, but of these the white oak wood is most used for cabinetmaking and for interior design. This wood's deep, fashionable color requires under the process we use for finishing it, a process which gives the appearance of age without in any way modify the character of the wood and that is the fuming with ammonia.

Botanical Name

Quercus alba
Origin Eastern United States
Janka Hardness 1,350 lbf
Average Dried Weight 47 lbs/ft3
Workability Produces good results with hand and machine tools. Glues, stains, and finishes well.
Related Species Black Oak (Quercus velutina)
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White Oak Beams

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