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Walnut Live Edge Slabs 8/4- 101-200Walnut Live Edge Slabs 8/4- 101-200
Walnut Live Edge Slabs 8/4- 101-200
Sale priceFrom $380.00
Juniper 4/4
Juniper 4/4
Sale price$4.00
Hickory SlabsHickory Slabs
Hickory Slabs
Sale priceFrom $380.00
Sold out
Canary Wood
Canary Wood
Sale priceFrom $15.00
Sale price$8.00
Sold out
Lignum Vitae 4/4, 8/4, 12/4
Lignum Vitae 4/4, 8/4, 12/4
Sale price$30.00
Poplar Slabs List #1Poplar Slabs List #1
Poplar Slabs List #1
Sale priceFrom $364.00
Oak Chestnut SlabsOak Chestnut Slabs
Oak Chestnut Slabs
Sale priceFrom $350.00
Save $1,900.00
Redwood Curly SlabsRedwood Curly Slabs
Redwood Curly Slabs
Sale price$7,600.00 Regular price$9,500.00
Black Poplar SlabsBlack Poplar Slabs
Black Poplar Slabs
Sale priceFrom $522.00
White Oak SlabsWhite Oak Slabs
White Oak Slabs
Sale priceFrom $156.00
Red Oak SlabsRed Oak Slabs
Red Oak Slabs
Sale priceFrom $230.00
White Ash Slabs
White Ash Slabs
Sale priceFrom $6.25
Ball Maple SlabsBall Maple Slabs
Ball Maple Slabs
Sale price$200.00
River Birch SlabsRiver Birch Slabs
River Birch Slabs
Sale priceFrom $112.00
Cherry SlabsCherry Slabs
Cherry Slabs
Sale priceFrom $200.00
Pecan SlabsPecan Slabs
Pecan Slabs
Sale priceFrom $0.00
Sycamore SlabsSycamore Slabs
Sycamore Slabs
Sale priceFrom $968.00
Redwood Old Growth BurlRedwood Old Growth Burl
Redwood Old Growth Burl
Sale price$2,500.00
Flaming Red Box ElderFlaming Red Box Elder
Flaming Red Box Elder
Sale priceFrom $280.00
Ambrosia Maple SlabsAmbrosia Maple Slabs
Ambrosia Maple Slabs
Sale priceFrom $192.00
3Red Elm Slabs
Red Elm Slabs
Sale priceFrom $135.00

7 colors available

Bully Tree SlabsBully Tree Slabs
Bully Tree Slabs
Sale priceFrom $1,860.00
Canela Wood SlabsCanela Wood Slabs
Canela Wood Slabs
Sale priceFrom $1,860.00

2 colors available

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